What is the essence of Osama Hamdi’s diet? 12 rules from a nutritionist and a ready-made diet for a week


You can lose 10-30 kg in a month, but there are nuances.

Weight loss is a complex biochemical process. It is possible to achieve a reduction in body fat mass either by reducing the caloric content of the diet, or by actively burning fat.

Osama Hamdi’s diet practices the second method — calories do not play a decisive role in it, and it is based on an increase in protein in the diet and a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates.

The basic principles of the Osama Hamdi diet

Initially, this diet was created by an American professor, doctor of medicine and nutritionist Osama Hamdi for weight loss and normalization of sugar levels in diabetes mellitus.

The principle of Osama Hamdi’s nutrition is based on the biochemical assimilation of food — the body goes into the stage of catabolism (the breakdown of fats and residues to release energy), so it is often called a “chemical diet”.


Weight loss is not due to a reduction in calorie intake, but due to the predominance of proteins — the building materials of the body and low carbohydrate content.

The body receives the bulk of its energy from the latter substances, but in case of their deficiency, it is forced to use fat for this purpose, which leads to the consumption of accumulated deposits.

With such a diet, there is no shortage of nutrients, and muscle mass is also preserved, the loss of which is often observed with a low-calorie diet.

Rules and contraindications of the diet

Osama Hamdi’s diet is quite strict, but effective and suitable for many. Contraindications are present during pregnancy, breastfeeding, arthritis, arthrosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Before starting a diet, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.


The diet regime must be strictly observed. Osama Hamdi’s diet lasts four weeks. For the first 14 days, the diet is more strict, for example, breakfast daily should contain boiled eggs and half a grapefruit / orange.

During the third week of the diet, it is necessary to consume mainly fruits and vegetables, and the final days are the most diverse.

Basic rules:

  1. Exclude frequent snacking and do not overeat, even if the portion size is not specified in the menu.
  2. Do weight monitoring every morning on an accurate electronic scale and record the result.
  3. To satisfy the feeling of hunger between meals by drinking a glass of warm water or eating one cucumber.
  4. Drink two liters of clean water a day.
  5. The last intake of water should be no later than an hour and a half before bedtime.
  6. It is important to exclude fried foods, salt, oil, fruits with a glycemic index (an indicator indicating the rate of breakdown of foods in the body and their conversion into glucose): bananas, figs, dates, mangoes and grapes.
  7. It is better to eat vegetables raw or boiled.
  8. Chicken should be cooked without skin, and fatty meat (pork, duck, goose) should be excluded altogether.
  9. If the course is interrupted at any stage, it is important to start work from the very beginning.
  10. Osama Hamdi’s diet requires eating eggs daily for four weeks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the product is intolerant, it can be replaced with low-fat cottage cheese;
  11. When buying meat, fish and chicken for a diet, choose the least fatty parts and varieties.
  12. The intervals between meals should be no more than three hours.

Sample menu for the week

  • Breakfast every day is one or two boiled eggs + half a grapefruit or orange.


  • Monday — permitted fruits (with a low glycemic index).
  • Tuesday — grilled skinless chicken fillet, fresh tomatoes, a choice of one grapefruit or orange.
  • Wednesday — low-fat white cheese (for example, ricotta), rye toast, fresh tomatoes.
  • Thursday — any permitted fruit.
  • Friday — two boiled eggs, steamed vegetables.
  • Saturday — permitted fruits (with a low glycemic index).
  • Sunday — grilled skinless chicken fillet, fresh tomatoes or steamed vegetables, whole grapefruit or orange.


  • Monday — any lean grilled meat (except lamb).
  • Tuesday — two boiled eggs, rye toast, a choice of one grapefruit or orange.
  • Wednesday — Monday menu.
  • Thursday — Monday and Wednesday menu + green salad.
  • Friday — boiled or grilled fish, green salad, a choice of one orange or grapefruit.
  • Saturday — Monday and Wednesday menu.
  • Sunday — steamed vegetables.

You should get out of the diet slowly, adhering to the rules of healthy eating. Also, to achieve the best result, it is necessary not to forget about physical activity and regularly engage in, for example, swimming, Pilates, yoga or dancing.

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