Which dress to choose for prom in 2023: looking for inspiration from the stars

Prom happens once in a lifetime: before buying a fancy dress for the ball, you need to decide on the trends of 2023.In short, the most popular shades this year are black, red, and white. Pastel colors are also in fashion. The skirt of the dress should be of maximum length, lush. If it is not possible to change clothes before the disco, then a knee-length or even a mini is acceptable.

Asymmetry and lace are the two central trends of spring-autumn 2023. Special chic, if you manage to combine them in one outfit.

Studying fashion shows and collections from the catwalk is just one of the ways to choose an outfit for graduation. There may be pretentious, outrageous styles. The second (proven over the years) way: to spy on how celebrities choose dresses within the current trends. This will give a list of ideas about what color and cut to choose a prom dress.

Red and lace: style by Dita von Teese

Dancer and model Dita Von Teese inspires fashion designers and designers to be creative for years. She prefers vintage style: these are the favorite gizmos of grandmothers and mothers, who return to fashion again and again.

Dita Von Teese / © Depositphotos.com / Two cameras

It’s amazing that even on marketplaces you can find a dress as similar as possible to the one in which Dita conquers the red carpet. In this photo, she poses in a vintage dress in the style of the 1950s. It’s good that these are back in fashion!

With what to wear such a dress? What kind of makeup to choose? You can safely copy the background Tease!

Other images of Dita von Teese

Simple curls and red lipstick, emphasis on the lips, not on the eyes, eyeliner pencil and a minimum of shadows. That’s all the makeup! Accessories include red satin shoes and a minimum of jewelry: lace itself is a strong visual accent. Brooches, bracelets, necklaces are not required for it.

Black and white with lace: which dress would Christina Aguilera choose

In addition to asymmetry and lace, the “a la nightgown” style is also in fashion in 2023. If the dress resembles a sleep shirt, this is the latest fashion.

But don’t, perhaps, experiment like that at graduation! It is worth making a little mistake in the choice and instead of a chic one, you can get a vulgar image. Photos from the evening will remain for many years in the school albums of classmates. There is a reason to be cautious.

Christina Aguilera / © Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

And singer Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera) is a wonderful assistant and inspiration here. This pop diva manages to walk on the edge of the abyss, choosing a style on the verge between provocation and grace. Some of her images of the past years have become relevant again in 2023.

Kristina came to the party after the Oscar ceremony in an exquisite white lace dress. Accentuated silhouette, transparent inserts and a very modest style. The completely closed neckline compensates for the fact that from head to toe there are slightly decorated translucent pieces of fabric on the dress.

The dress is chic and eye-catching so much that a simple ponytail as a hairstyle became a logical choice. Kristina puts on a whole box of voluminous jewelry for such a dress. And in makeup, he focuses on the eyes, not on the lips.

Singer Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera) / © DFree / Shutterstock.com

A black guipure dress is another image of Aguilera. There is also an asymmetry that is fashionable this season. And the length of the dress is such that it allows you to dress up in it for a solemn ceremony and for a disco after it.

If Christina Aguilera had gone to prom in 2023 in this dress, she would have managed to match two fashion trends at once!

The black dress is practical, comfortable. No need to think about how not to smear it with lipstick or spilled wine. Something can go wrong at a party. It’s not for nothing that many people choose this color: trials are not terrible with it.

In addition, you can boldly choose accessories and jewelry for a black dress. After all, its modest color is a canvas for an artist with a rich imagination. But the general advice is the same: the more lace, the less jewelry there should be.

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