Shenmue 3 finally released in 2019 followingyears of waiting and delays, but the game isn’t done nowyet. A Story Quest Pack DLC will be accessible next week, and it fetch s return a sort ic character.

Available on February 18 for $6 via the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store, the Story Quest Pack DLC is also accessible as portion. of the Add. DLC Collection pack. The story criteria Zhang Shugin from Shenmue 2, who is shown in the pack’s promotional screenshots to have the exact same haircut and broad. grin as before.

Shenmue 3 is simply a love letter to the original two games, and despite it is new coat of paint, it contains many of the same mechanics as it is predecessors. That comes with it is perks for fans, but it also means the gameplay hasn’t evolved in important ways. In GameSpot’s Shenmue 3 review, Heidi Kemps found the combat particularly frustrating, though the game stationary oozes charm.

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