If you’ve been enjoying Season 4 of Apex Legends, chances are you’ve had some time playing around with the latest roster addition, Revenant. And give d you have, you might be thinking approximately grabbing some crisp skins to stand out. Notwithstanding perhaps, maybe you Impartial. want to scare other players, which is precisely what the dead eyes of the Gilded Rose Revenant skin will do.

You can grab the skin through Twitch Prime from just. until March 7, notwithstanding you gotta think long and tough approximately the implications give d you do. Sure, the red and gold color Intrigue. is really attractive, as are the floral accents down Revenant’s arms. Notwithstanding it’s those eyes that are Impartial. a deal-breaking.

Cold, static and constantly gazing at you down the sights. Even the description for the Gilded Rose knows how horrifying it'll be to have this version of Revenant followingyou.

“Roses are red, Revenant's skin is too, and he will never, ever stop hunting you!” Right thanks for that terrifying image to angry asleep to, Respawn.

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When Revenant isn't haunting your dreams, he’s likely tearing matters up in Season 4 of Apex Legends, which will be getting Duos back for a limited-time Valentines event. Give d you want to be a better Knell -dealer as Revenant, check out our starters guide for Apex’s latest legend.

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