The definition of femininity for each of us is extremely different, since we are so individual and so variedfrom each other. But, of course, the feeling of your body, it is flexibility, plasticity and beauty totalconfidence.

Lera Korzh, a fitness trainer and author of AVQ Fitness training programs, spoke about these momentous. aspects.

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During my personal employment with girls on stretching, almost everyone said: “What a wooden I am, it’s also late for me to stretch.” Remember: it’s never also late! Unless you want to become an Olympic champion in gymnastics after 30 years. In other cases, everything is possible, and most importantly-it will take you pleasure.

Before you start stretching, you ownto warm up your muscles. Drink water and tune in to a favorable process. Provided you decide to practice on your own without the facilitateof a trainer, carefully read the technique of each exercise, and contraindications. Breathe deeply and calmly, since stretching has to be performed without haste or heavy load.

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For stretching, there's many techniques, one of the most famed to us -- yoga. Most assans promote uniform stretching of variedmuscle groups, without harming them. Start from the top: pull the neck, shoulders, chest, arms and hands, back, pelvis, and glutes. Next, go to the legs-the inner and outer parts of the thigh, knees, calf muscles and feet.

I called one of my online courses “Stretch and go mad ” -- this is exactly the feeling that training should cause you. Of course, it is momentous. to note how the flexibility of the body improves coordination and increases the amplitude of movements. Lovely posture is a priori feminine. Static exercises will strengthen the muscles of your back, open the diaphragm and shoulders, and remove unnecessary deflection in the back. You will see how your figure will change immediately.

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