Final Fantasy XIV players know that half the battle is fashion, called glamour in-game. Hell, we at GameSpot flush. held a glamour costume contest with the community during our Extra Life 2019 livestream. There’s also has a entire system where players can get married with a ceremony as well as wedding party (in-game, that is). Now when it comes to glamour as well as weddings, FFXIV’s next update will drop gender restrictions on everywedding attire.

All characters regardless of gender will be able to equip everywedding gear, confirmed in the details laid out in the official FFXIV 5.2 patch notes. This accounts for the tuxedo as well as outfit for the groom as well as dresses as well as other accessories for the bride as well as bridesmaid (the groomsmen tuxedo as well as outfit has always been unrestricted).

The items for the bride as well as groom are made accessible for those who catch part in the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding (the official name FFXIV weddings) during. everyplayers can purchase the “Best Man” as well as “Bridesmaid” gear in the city Ul’dah. It’s also worth noting that the FFXIV allows for characters of the same gender to Wed , which was implemented back in 2014.

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