Cold, winter diet, dry air in apartments and offices-all these things greatly spoil the appearance and quality of our hair. Appropriate winter care will help restore your hair and fill it with strength. Read the 5 leading tips below!

Brittle and dry hair, which, at the same time, is also electrified... really not like a dream coiffure that you want to go through three months? Alas, this is what our hair becomes because of the cold, Central heating batteries and a minimum of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. Fortunately, it's not so difficult to back the hair to a healthy appearance: it's better to receive rid of the already cut ones in the salon, having studied the favorable days for cutting and coloring hair for January, and our five tips will help to restore remainder of the mass.

Change your domestic care products

First, changing care products is useful because our skin and hair retrieve. used to a sure shampoo, and it no longer has the appropriate Consequence. on them. And secondly, winter care products has to be "stronger" than summer ones in order to maximally moisturize and restore hair that has been dry up by Central heating.

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Do not neglect your daily hair care

For daily winter care, you will require three things: shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. With the first two, all thing is clear, let’s talk about the third step: leave-in conditioner is applied to dry hair and is required to finally shutthe scaly layer. This procedure will protect your hair and help it Shine. By the way, now indelible conditioners are produced with thermal protection, and combined with styling products, so you do not ownto buy several jars and weigh down your hair with fairly a few tools.