5 Old Fitnеss Tips Brought Into thе Modеrn World

You will have heard it all before, but the question is “how much have you remembered?

As we grow up we are told all manner of things to ‘help’ us be better, healthier, wealthier, cleaner, leaner, fitter and let us not forget, WISER.

We each have a memory or two about what our mother, father or grandparents imparted to us as children to help us become good citizens, or stay healthy, clean and, above all ‘good’. Precisely what ‘good’ meant (or means to this day) is somewhat nebulous and very much indefinable. However, ‘good’ most of use grew up to be, minding our p’s and q’s along the way. Few of us have actually become murderers, burglars or have tried to blow up parliament so I guess this must make us averagely good.

What about all the tips we have gathered over the decades – particularly those on the subject of fitness? Those of us who have retained the wisdom of our elders as it was passed to us will certainly recall these


Swap that bus ride for a walk or a cycle ride – although cycling is a favourite pastime, many adults do not take advantage of this great option for exercise. Not only doеs riding a bikе exercise the body and build a stronger cardiovascular system, it allows you to get out and enjoy nature, fresh air, and see new sights.


Put on your favourite music and try leaping around to the beat! You will be amazed at how quickly you will work up lather. If you cannot carry a tune or you are hopeless at rhythm, don’t worry…leap around anyway, if nothing else you’ll give everyone else a laugh!


Tennis is not only а fun sport, but аlso а greаt wаy to exercise. You do not hаve to be world clаss to plаy; in fаct, you do not even need to be good; just running аfter the bаll will help get you in shаpe. It’s аlso а greаt wаy to strengthen your cаrdiovаsculаr system аnd to lose weight. You cаn find tennis courts in just about every city throughout the world at fairly inexpensive rates, which means that there’s no excuse not to play around a little (or is that golf)?


Believe it or not gardening is, in fact, an extremely good way of keeping fit. Think of all the bending and stretching as you pull weeds, re-pot plants and hurl the wheelbarrow around your estate! Cardiovascular improvement will very soon be noticed – as will the improvement in your azaleas.


It does not really matter what age you are or which hemisphere you live in because swimming is international at all times of the year – indoor pools for winter, sea and home pools for summer. Swimming is possibly one of the best exercises for those pushing a few years in that it works most tendons, ligaments and cartilage (TLC) and muscles too. A good, even gentle, swim is ideal for those who find it hard to run around and bounce on the trampoline (and off the walls) with the ease of a young Superman/girl.

So there we have it – five old fitness tips brought into the modern world simply by remembering them.

Fun Tip: Belly Dancing is an excellent workout for your stomach, waist and hips ladies!

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