Popular Girls’ Beauty Tips Debunked

Through the centuries, both young аnd old women hаve continued to seek for effective wаys of finding аnd preserving beаuty. Girls’ beаuty tips cаn be achieved by following a regular beauty regime. Therefore, women who are looking for an opportunity to look their best need to find out what it takes to look good. This will help a great deal in boosting their confidence and self-esteem. However, there are popular beauty tips that have been used by girls with no basis on factual evidence and in some cases have caused harm. These include:

 Brushing hair for healthy growth

Previously, it was advanced to get healthy hair you needed to brush the hair vigorously, once every day. This was accepted as an important beauty tip until very recently. Excessive brushing of hair often stimulates the production of oils occurring naturally in the scalp to leave the hair looking healthy and shiny. According to recent studies, it has been discovered excess hair brushing can lead to an extremely oily scalp that hinders hair growth resulting from plugged hair pores. Furthermore, brushing the hair can weaken the hair follicles and thus enhance hair breakage. Therefore, every teenage girl should go easy on her hair when brushing to avoid causing harm.

Trimming the hair makes it to grow faster

When you consider the beauty tips used by many girls, trimming hair to make it grow has been popular. In fact, some of the girls will argue this has really worked on them. However, this beauty tip does not work. Normal hair grows at about one-half of an inch every month- any excessive growth occurs during summer. Therefore, trimming the hair does not change the growth cycle and does not cause the hair to grow faster. Trimming the hair does the opposite because it ends up making the hair shorter.

 Toothpaste for curing acne

For many of the girls who have been struggling with facial acne they are often advised by friends to use toothpaste to get rid of their acne. Unfortunately, this is a beauty that has the capacity of making the acne problem worse. Toothpaste does not help to cure facial acne because the chemicals in the toothpaste can actually promote more acne, leading to scaring. For the best results it is important to seek professional help from an experienced dermatologist. He/she will be able to advise safe and effective products to administer on your problem.

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