Funny Pet Names For Fish

Its not surprising that the majority of pet fish purchased here in the United States are for children, they just love them.  Having two kids of my own and a couple of fish, I know for certain that they can sit and watch those fish swim around in their tank for hours, and have a blast doing so.  Fish are truly some of the most peaceful creatures in the world and they make wonderful pets.

Sure its true, you can’t take a fish for a walk or play with it in the backyard, but you can cozy up next to the tank and daydream as you stare endlessly into cool water.  Now of course if you have decided to buy a fish for you or for your kids, its going to need a name and that’s what you’re waiting for here so when it comes to kids and probably even you, one of the best perks to getting a pet fish or any pet for that matter, is choosing the name, and hey who doesn’t love funny names?

It can be difficult coming up with new names, I tend to draw a blank as soon as I start to think about it, but there are some tricks that will help.  Try thinking of your favorite movie and television characters, or maybe your child has a favorite cartoon character with a funny name.  Look around the house for inspiration, funny names often come from the strangest places, that’s what makes them funny.  Never fear, if that doesn’t work, below are some funny pet names for fish that you and your special little ones are going to love.  Feel free to use them as they are, or for inspiration in creating your very own unique fish name.

Funny Pet Names for Fish

You can name your fish anything you like, or should I say anything you can think up, the stranger the name is, the funnier it is going to be so think creatively.  Some of the best names and you can see I have used some above, are typical dog names, simply because you can’t snuggle with a fish which is what makes it funny!

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