Great Kids Food For a Party

A party is always fun for any child, and it can be equally fun for parents as well. The one thing that many parents can be concerned about whether they are throwing a party for their kids or attending one with them is the food that will be served. A side from serving food that will be appealing to children and something that they will enjoy, many parents now want to serve or eat healthier food at kids parties. It may seem difficult for many parents, since fun and healthy do not always come hand in hand especially when it is children that you are talking about. However, this is not impossible since there are many options that are available to make food at a party fun and healthy at the same time.

Kids love using their hands when they eat and there are plenty of options for fun and healthy finger foods. Try to keep things fresh and serve vegetable sticks during your kid’s party. You can also cut your vegetables up in fun shapes and provide different kinds of dips for these. The kids will love being able to pick their own dip and dunking in the vegetables. Animal crackers can also be served alongside these vegetables. Fruits can also be used, but since many fruits cannot be cut into sticks, try a fondue with cheese. This will surely be a big hit. If you want to spare other parents of having so much clean off their children, then you can prepare something less messy such as ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins on top).

Pinwheel sandwiches don’t only look pretty on a platter at any party but they can be healthy too. Just take a whole loaf of bread, slice it lengthwise and spread some something healthy in it, like tuna or chicken spread. Roll it up and refrigerate before slicing and serving. Again you can also cut up your sandwiches in other small easy to eat shapes making it easier for the kids to pop it into their mouths.

Soda is something that is often served at parties, but this drink is just way too sugary for children. Not to mention that carbonated drinks aren’t very healthy either. A Fresh fruit punch with fresh fruit slices can be a better option. Put your punch in a large punch bowl so that the kids see it, Use contrasting colors with your sliced fruits to make it more colorful.

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