Wedding Dress Trends 2021

A white dress is the first image that comes to mind when you mention a wedding. Since last year, the tradition of marriage ceremonies has undergone many challenges.

Many people postponed the planned date, someone organized a small holiday with their loved ones, but the constant desire of all the beauties continues to be the perfect dress for such an important day. Therefore, if you are planning to get married this year and in the process of choosing a dress – your attention is drawn to the trends of 2021 from the stylists of the market mall Darynok.

Square neckline
This form of cleavage perfectly emphasizes the collarbones and shoulders. The trend is suitable for any style: with a long or short skirt, with short or long sleeves, etc. Stylists note that the square neckline is harmoniously combined with heavy satin or a laconic crepe dress.

Such dresses have their outstanding advantages. In addition to the unconditional beauty, the cut in the outfit adds comfort to it, because it does not restrict movement and allows you to feel free when walking or dancing. This year, experts note that the cut can be not only on one leg, but also on two, and its height is chosen by the beauty taking into account her own wishes and can start both from the hip and from the underwear line. Although the latter option is not chosen by everyone, but by brides with a bolder and more shocking look at the design.

Models with a short skirt began to gain popularity since last year, but the trend has moved on to 2021. Short wedding dresses emphasize the beauty of the legs, and also free the bride from the endless lifting of the hem for the opportunity to take a step. Most often, such outfits are chosen as the second dress to be worn after the mural ceremony, or on the second day of the celebration, but this year’s trends predict that the mini will break out in front and win the hearts of beauties as the No. 1 dress.

Emphasis on the sleeves
Wedding dresses with puffy sleeves are one of the main trends of 2021. Inspired by the style of the 80s, the designers presented long, cropped, voluminous and removable sleeves that will give brightness to the simplest silhouette.

Open shoulders
Such dresses can hardly be called a new trend, but it is such models in the collections that you will see the most. The bride’s bare shoulders create an extremely sensual and delicate image. Stylists advise not to add pendants or pendants to such an outfit, in order to shift the emphasis on the open area and show the beauty of the neck and collarbones to the full.

Tiered skirt
The multi-tiered skirt comes to the fore in expressive bohemian wedding images, it looks really luxurious and gives the image of the bride a certain courage and fabulousness. The use of tiers makes the outfit voluminous and airy and is invariably associated with the images of Disney beauties.

Whatever style you choose, the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it. Do not radically change your style for the wedding, because on this day you will have enough excitement, and the dress should help you feel comfortable and magical.
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